Tuesday, September 23, 2008


In today's Daily Democrat you may read a story entitled "Yolo GOP targets Dem groups for alleged violations"(Read full story here if you don't read the paper).

If the story is accurate, the comments by Clerk-Recorder are distrubing. Her job, among others, is to uphold the campaign laws. IT IS NOT to be presumptive, nor ignore the FPPC regulations that are in place to prevent abuse. If she is "Stunned that somehow local community activism can be reduced to this petty level", I wonder what other rules she has let go unheaded or unenforced using this same methodology?

This is not the first time she has let her perception affect her judgement.

Just do your job Ms. Oakley.

Friday, September 19, 2008

DOLLAR Signs or WARNING Signs ?

While the Daily Democrat reported a story from the Monterey Herald regarding the re-entry facility there, they didn't report the whole story. READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE .

They were asking for an extension of time, along with conditions including "the state officials unwillingness to negotiate with the county on several issues, including a guarantee that the jail expansion money would be linked to the choice of a re-entry site, and that the facility would never be used for any other purpose.

Seems simple enough!

Our Supervisors only asked that when the prisoners were released that public transportation not be used.

The CDCR pounced on the Madison sight because there were no strings attached leaving us possibly with a prison and because of the cuts in the state budget, no money for the expansion of Monroe. We really win in that deal!!!!

I hope that the Budget Compromise signed today eliminates the entire funding of AB900.

Please read the Monerey story above to see how real Supervisors respond to the people.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


The question was asked about where to read up on the ballot measures in November.
There are 12 issues you will be asked to vote upon besides the obvious Candidates for Public Office.

You can read a comprehensive listing of the measures by clicking (here). You will be able to select each one individually by:

  1. Title and Summary
  2. Analysis
  3. Arguments & Rebuttals
  4. Test of the Proposed Law

Proposition 1 has been dropped, but in its place is Proposition 1A. For a copy of this proposition click (here)

Since you will be subject to the results one way or the other, you should read each one carefully.

This is a public Service of the By Hell Chronicles.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The Board of Supervisors yesterday voted 3-1 to submit Madison as the location best suited for a prison to be built. Make no mistake, this is not a re-entry facility but is an attempt by the Department of Corrections to "spread out" the prison population in the state according to Federal mandates.

The bate, $30,000,000.00. The fish who took the bate, the Board of Supervisors.

Who's really to blame? Of course, AB900 which provided the bate is highly questionable.

The real blame for this decision are the greedy supervisors who voted for this location. If you want to take out your anger, point it at Matt Rexroad, Helen Thomson and Mike McGowan. Duane Chamberlain voted against it and Mariko Yamada abstained, no doubt reflecting her political ambitions.

This was not unexpected. In the Daily Democrat article where the other sights were eliminated, they gave us a clue of what was about to happen, when they said the other sights were turned down because of other issues and the the public comment had nothing to do with it. Who do they think they are kidding? Madison was the place where they felt they would get the least resistance. Madison had the same reasons for not hosting a prison as did the other locations eliminated.

I hope that the residents of the Madison area follow through on a lawsuit and I hope they win.

If these Supervisors are not listening to the electorate, they should be thrown out of office in the next election by whatever means are available.

Friday, September 12, 2008


The Department of Water Resources is attempting to create a "2009 Drought Water Bank". You can read the story "State creates water bank to help thirsty cities, farmers"from today's Business Journal by clicking above.

This story reveals the mindset regarding groundwater control, and could further explain why the Board of Supervisors is wanting to establish the power to control it.

This ordinance is sure to come up again.