Friday, October 30, 2009


As the economy appears to recover, do not be deceived by what you are being told.
Most, if not all,  of the money expended and budgeted thus far is being funneled into capital improvements and administration throughout the nation.

These are one-time expenditures that represent a temporary injection into the local agencies receiving the funds.
When the "money" runs out, we locally are left with maintenance of these projects, along with monumental long-term debt.

This picture, taken on the River Road on the way to Sacramento tells the story!.

Friday, October 23, 2009


According to the California Economic Recovery Portal , the following list represents the amounts budgeted for Yolo County.
  1. Based upon performance in the past, just how confident are you that they will spend the money wisely?
  2. Traditional methods of financing for many of these was through Bond Measures, which have been repeatedly rejected by the voters.  Keep in mind that you did not get a chance to vote on any of this credit expenditure and it appears that the Obama Administration has chosen to circumvent what little power the voter has. With the confidence in our elected officials  at an all-time low, maybe we should make some changes.
  3. Just how many jobs do you think these, by and large capital expenditures, will create any long-term jobs?  The unemployment rate is close to 12.5 % now. Maybe you should contact the organizations and ask them.
As of October 22, 2009 the following is a list of the budget for Yolo County "Stimulus" money:
  • City of Woodland  $14,839,000
  • Community Alliance with Family Farmers $519,780
  • Davis Joint Unified  $3,261,719 
  • Delta Elementary Charter $54,572
  • Esparto Unified $443,297
  • Federal Transit Admin-9 40' Busses $3,917,374
  • Food Bank of Yolo County  $11,021
  • Neighborhood Partners, LLC   $6,236,741
  • Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence $44,383
  • Transportation (not Assigned) $3,939,396
  • Washington Unified $3,486,688
  • West Sacramento Early College Prep $107,313
  •  West Sacramento Pacific Associates, LP $420,099 
  • Winters Joint Unified    $692,260
  • Woodland Joint Unified  $4,633,005
  • Yolo County  $8,281,180
  • Yolo County Office of Education  $633,105
  • Yolo Family Resource Center  $1,600,000
          Total As of 10/22/09 $ 53,120,933

Before we throw money at government, schools and transportation, maybe we should look further into their spending practices first, and see what waste can be eliminated.

If you trust them, say nothing.   If you don't trust them, take them to task.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Stimulus" funding changing every day!

Just updated, new numbers for the "Stimulus" debacle, $14 Million to the City of Woodland.

As reported earlier this week, the total is now $53,000,000.

We will update the spreadsheet to reflect this amount.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Matt Rexroad mentioned yesterday on a blog post entitled "More Bloggers?, that "I have been hoping that more people would start blogging in Woodland about all things local".

Believe it or not, The By Hell Chronicles agree with this. HOWEVER

Every day that goes by, the federal and state government becomes increasingly involved in our local communities, and many of the local projects and priorities are mandated  and paid for in part from without, rather than from within.

The following are a couple of examples:
  1. The water rate increase to be discussed, and no doubt will approved in November, was spearheaded by AB2572 that states in part that state funding will be withdrawn on any new water related  projects, and water permits could be withheld for non-compliance from the City of Woodland. A state issue that is also a local Issue which  mandated water meters in Woodland and in the entire state.
  2. Funding for the water meters is to be paid for by a money from the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" , half of which is a 20 year loan, to be paid back by the taxpayers.
  3. $37,735,630 is "Budgeted" for Yolo County from the ARRA funds.  Where is that money going and how is it going to be used? 
 All of these issues are addressed in the  THE BY HELL CHRONICLES blog and are in fact "Local Issues" 
 brought about by actions taken outside of Yolo County.  Since traditional media sources choose for whatever reason to either ignore or under-report on these issues,  The BY HELL CHRONICLES  will continue to report as in the past.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yesterday the Finance Committee passed on their approval of a financing mechanism for the Health Care Reform Bill. Nineteen Democrats voted for it, 3 Republicans voted against it and Olympia Snow also voted for it.

In our opinion, anyonewho votes in favor of financing a bill without reading the final version is an idiot.

The Democrats are going to cram it down our throats without even reading the Bill and will be held accountable for their actions.

The whole goal is to foster universal health care to be paid for on the backs of those who presently have coverage, and eventually destroy private health insurance.

Today, Barack Obama, in his speech in New Orleans told the people there that he hasn't even begun change yet. I thought about this statement. I seems to me that in all fairness, most statements cannot be taken out of context and still make reasonable sense. In President Obama's case, however, only statements that are taken out of context make any sense. This is because he surrounds imbedded core statements with words that tend to detract from the real meaning, attempting to cloak the truth and his real intentions.

This is a form of deceit and reveals the real intent on the part of anyone trying to convince you by telling a lie. He is guilty of this offense repeatedly.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Business "Squeezed Out" by spurilous litigation!!

Within the past few years, "Attorneys" have created a new field of endeavor-ADA compliance litigation.

A few attorneys, with questionable intent, other than notably their fees, have been going around the area filing lawsuits regarding ADA compliance.

While nobody believes that those with disabilities should be excluded from businesses because of their disability, there has to be some common sense involved.

As recently as last week, an acquaintance of mine received a letter from one of these attorneys, which for many would be unquestionably considered as a threat to their business.  A couple of days later, they got a second letter from a firm who said they would "survey their business for possible areas of non-compliance".  Could it be that these two are working together?

Attached is an editorial from the September 9, 2009 Business Journal, written by the owner of the "Squeeze Inn" in Sacramento.  This restaurant has been getting a lot of coverage lately after suffering similar treatment by possibly the same attorneys..  Read the Editorial Here

This has application to our present Health Care debate, as tort reform MUST be a part of the move towards responsible Health Care Reform.

Note:  Subsequent to this editorial, the "Squeeze Inn" has announced a new location.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Here is a Water Protest Letter you can use.

 Use this letter to submit a protest to the City of Woodland, protesting the water rate increase. When you print the letter, Choose "Print as Web Page" option.

We hope this helps you participate in this important endeavor!


As a point of interest, California has a "STIMULUS CZAR"(We didn't know we had one!)

Cynthia Bryant, the governor's deputy chief of staff, is the stimulus czar while Los Angeles City Controller Laura Chick is the inspector general. Assemblyman Manuel Perez leads the Stimulus, Economic Recovery and Jobs Task Force.

If you want to see where they have allocated the money for Yolo County thus far, click here.

One might wonder whether this is stimulus, or an end around on pet projects.  Little, if any has gone to help those really in need who are out of jobs and losing their homes.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


All of us are tired of trying to keep up with state government, but Phil Isenberg has made a quote we think worthy of consideration when dealing with even our local government.

The Quote is below.
Phil Isenberg, former chairman of the task force, said there is neither stable funding nor sufficient authority for the council in either bill.
"The game in politics is, if you think you're going to lose the fight over somebody having authority to do something, then you make sure they don't have any money or staff to do it," said Isenberg, also a former mayor of Sacramento and member of Assembly. "It's just the same thing over and over again."

What do you think???

Monday, October 5, 2009


You can read the entire bill SMOKING GUN-WATER METERS  

AB 2572 provided the background for our water meter dillema.

Once again, we are being blackmailed by the state through this legislation, and the last paragraph, we believe, is the driving force for the meeting to be held on November 3, 2009, and the "hasty" attempt at approval.

In part, that legislation says, in Sec8, Section 529.5 adds the following edict:
On or after January 1, 2010, any urban water supplier that applies for financial assistance from the state for a wastewater treatment project, a water use eficiency project, or a drinking water treatment project, or for a permit for a new or expanded water supply, shall demonstrate that the applicant meets the requirements of
this article.

By the way, Assemblymember Christine Kehoe. 76th Assembly District (D - San Diego) ... introduced and pushed this bill, perhaps laying the groundwork for yet another assault on Northern California water supply.

Could it be we in Woodland are facing a huge NEW water treatment facility in the near future?

O.K. Greenwaste fees are going up, water rate are going up with the installation of meters, a new water treatment facility will be proposed and last but certainly not least, you can expect a fee increase proposal on Storm Drains, now called "Storm Sewers", which is another inportant image change for specific reasons, which the By Hell Chronicles will report on in the near future.