Friday, July 30, 2010


The May 27, 2010 Board Packet (Readily available on the WJUSD web-site, included a discussion on the purchase options for the District Headquarters at 435 Sixth Street.

You can read it here

This makes the assumption that the Blue Shield/District Office has to be bought in the first place.

Please Keep these facts of Public Record in mind.

On 6/20/07, Blue Ice LLC purchased the property for $4,300,000.00.  With that in mind. consider the following:                     Blue Ice Bought the Building for $4,300,000.00.  The current assessed value is $4,386,000.  The Board is proposing to buy it for $7,180,000, with a profit of $2,804,000.00 for Blue Ice.  
Thus, Blue Ice was assured their profit whether the district bought the building or they leased it and decided to break the lease.   The value of the building is overstated and the cost of breaking the lease is also suspect.

This suggests that there are factors that we the public and taxpayers have not been privy to.
If you have other information, or find these numbers to be incorrect, please email us at

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