Thursday, May 26, 2011


We are told that we are faced with a financial crisis, and, of course, the immediate solution is to find new sources of revenue, most likely ending up in tax increases.

Given the fact that many "cosmetic" cuts have been made in local, State and Federal Government, perhaps we need to look at what these cuts are really telling us.

The recent story in the Daily Democrat revealed a couple of very interesting bits of information, and perhaps, unknowingly, City Manager Mark Deven gave us a clue as to where we should look to make changes that could have a real impact.

The Democrat reported that the Fire Department was going to receive a 1.2 Million Dollar Grant "Which would restore 6 positions in the Fire Department" and it went on to say that even with these restored positions, we were below the "Level of Service" mandated by the General Plan. Oh, by the way, the grant of 1.2 Million was for two years" and committed the City to pay for a Third Year as part of the deal.

Taking these types of "dangled carrots" by State and Federal agencies have to a large degree put us in the financial position we are in today.

Back to point, however, maybe the real answer to the problem is to focus on the "Level of Service" mandated by the General Plan. How realistic are some of these targeted levels and could we survive by adjusting them? Now may be the time to re-visit the General Plan and make some changes.