Monday, June 27, 2011


In a recent story of the meeting of the WJUSD entitled "Trustees approve $3.85 M in budget reductions" as reported by the Daily Democrat raised more questions than it provided answers to the problem the District faces.

Among the most startling was the statement made by District Superintendent Debra La Voi when she stated "If our only responsibility was to be fiscally responsible, we would do just that", when referring to what was really a kicking the budget can down the road to 2012-2013. While is is not the only responsibilty to be fiscally responsible, it nevertheless could take down the district, when potentially it faces a 6 Million dollar deficit. The justification for doing it the way they voted was backed by the unrealisitic "HOPE" that housing would again pick up and the unemployment rate would go down, neither justifications fall even close to what experts predict for the near future.